The #WorkingMomsGuide Handbook


In the blink of an eye, it is the end of December! Throughout the month, I really enjoyed creating the WorkingMomsGuide. This is a project I intend to keep doing and hopefully I will have a few more posts in the coming year. Would you like to see more of those? Please let me know in the comments.

I asked my friends on social media who were also working moms, what their survival mantra was. I got some very creative and some very sensible answers to this question.

Shailaja from Diary of a Doting Mom says “Keep your head down, your eye on the ball and enjoy every moment. Take life with both hands, give it a huge bear hug and embrace it to say, ‘Let’s do this together’ 😊💓”

Magical Mommy Life says “Just one more day! I need more coffee”

Lakshmi Wankhede gives solid advice about taking care of your own health. “Taking stairs and having loads of water to start my day…keeps me fresh”

This post made me re-realise that the mom community on social media can be a wonderful place to learn and share ideas. And now if you are wondering what is my Survival Mantra, here it is:

Take things as they come. One day at a time, one step after another.

So what is your survival mantra ladies? Do share it with me 🙂

To end the Blogchatter Projects month, I am sharing a compilation of all the WorkingMomsGuide posts. I have divided them into three categories – Professional Life, Being a Rockstar Mommy and Style & Beauty. Enjoy Reading!

WorkingMomsGuide Handbook

WorkingMomsGuide to Professional Life

WorkingMomsGuide 6 Tips on Getting Back to Work post Maternity Leave
Getting back to work after maternity leave can be exciting and harrowing at the same time. My 6 tips on making the transition from new mommy to working mom a little bit smoother
WorkingMomsGuide - Women at Work
There is no doubt that are tremendous opportunities for women today. However, there are myths associated with women workers that are so deep rooted that they have to be battled everyday. Here are my 4 tips for Women at Work
WorkingMomsGuide - What is the big deal about period leave
What is the big deal about period leave?
WorkingMomsGuide - 5 Tips for choosing business hotels when travelling for work
5 Tips for choosing business hotels when travelling for work and how to make the most of your work trip
WorkingMomsGuide - 10 tips to make your hotel stay more comfortable
Hotels come in all shapes and sizes and many, including luxury hotels can give you grief. Here are 10 tips to make your hotel stay more comfortable

WorkingMomsGuide for Rockstar Mommies

WorkingMomsGuide - Daycare Creche Tips
Choosing the right day care is imperative. It can be the most important influence in the child’s formative years. Some of my learnings when I was looking for a day care for my daughter
WorkingMomsGuide - tips for maids
Maids and household help is a big part of the support system. A few tips on how to get the most out of them and not add to your stress!
WorkingMomsGuide - Travelling with Young Children
Over the years, I have learnt from other moms and discovered my own hacks to manage a long trip with your child. Here is the complete collection

WorkingMomsGuide to Style & Beauty

WorkingMomsGuide - 10 Must Haves in a Working Mother's Wardrobe
10 Must Haves in a Working Mother’s Wardrobe for sporting an easy stylish look every single day – be it at work, home or out
WorkingMomsGuide - 5 must have beauty products for working mothers
A list of must have beauty products that busy moms need to look and feel their best. After all, a working mom also needs to be a stylish mom
5 Time Saving Grooming Tips
5 Time Saving Grooming Tips to save you time and stress while getting ready in the morning. Multitask. so you don’t ignore your skin, hair and makeup
WorkingMomsGuide - What to Wear to Office during Monsoon?
Tips to manage your wardrobe and stay stylish throughout the season while not compromising on comfort!
WorkingMomsGuide - 5 Must Have Accessories for Working Mothers
Accessories are a sure fire way of taking mundane outfits up by a notch or two. I use them all the time and here are my must have accessories for working mothers
WorkingMomsGuide - Makeup for a professional photograph
An easy and clean makeup look for getting a professional looking photograph clicked. Great for your office i-cards, passport, visa or any sort of formal documentation 

There is more! Click on the picture below to read all the posts with more tips & tricks, product recommendations, stuff that I have learnt from from fellow working moms and create a Working Mom’s Guide to Rocking It All



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