I Confess

The Kiss of Love

I confess to letting my kid watch TV everyday….. I confess to letting my kid stay up late…. I confess to leaving her in the care of others while I go out…. Before you judge me for being a bad mother- I confess to letting my kid watch TV at the dinner table so she …

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Why Aren’t They Telling That?

This happened while watching the Chennai floods coverage on TV the other night. News: Bad governance in Chennai, areas are flooded, people are in trouble, there is a shortage of food etc etc.  Daughter: Did people die in Chennai? Husband: Perhaps. Daughter: Then why aren’t they telling that? I did not know whether to laugh at …

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Finding Happiness

For a long time now, I have associated happiness with smaller things in life. Simple, everyday things that would make me happy every single day. I have written What makes me happy post before as well. Actually, two of them. Here is another What makes you happy post. While the actual points may be different, there …

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