Roles Women Play – Mother #WomensDay

Every year as March rolls in, tons and tons of blog posts, articles and videos begin to circulate the net about challenges a woman faces. All of it sounds cliched but then there is a contant need to remind ourselves that feminsm exists because women’s issues do. They do need to be talked about so they can be acknowledged, identified and resolved. However, in all that sound sometimes we forget the need to celebrate being a woman and the many roles we play in our lives. This Women’s Day, I want to talk about the three major roles women play

I Confess

I confess to letting my kid watch TV everyday….. I confess to letting my kid stay up late…. I confess to leaving her in the care of others while I go out…. Before you judge me for being a bad mother- I confess to letting my kid watch TV at the dinner table so she can eat with the rest of the family. I confess to let her stay up late every day so she can play with her father who comes home late after work. I confess to leaving her in the care of others while I go out

Why Aren’t They Telling That?

This happened while watching the Chennai floods coverage on TV the other night. News: Bad governance in Chennai, areas are flooded, people are in trouble, there is a shortage of food etc etc.  Daughter: Did people die in Chennai? Husband: Perhaps. Daughter: Then why aren’t they telling that? I did not know whether to laugh at my five year old’s exasperation or cry at the macabre expectation she had. One thing I did know though. Our media is extremely insensitive in their coverage and commentary. I understand that the media houses are here to make profits. But they forget that due

Finding Happiness

For a long time now, I have associated happiness with smaller things in life. Simple, everyday things that would make me happy every single day. I have written What makes me happy post before as well. Actually, two of them. Here is another What makes you happy post. While the actual points may be different, there is a common flavour running through them. And that being, a lot of these are small things. Needless to say, my daughter would regularly feature in these! Even though I am sometimes fed up of her antics, she is the greatest joy in my life.