Types of Mothers

Types of mothers

Shraddha talks about the types of Mothers she has encountered and tries to put herself in each ones shoes. At the end though, she says it does not matter. Each one deserves the same salute.

The Guilt…


“…..Women, on the other hand, fail to celebrate their successes, constantly feeling guilty about their achievements. If they achieve an exceptionally clean kitchen after hours of slogging, they think about how worthless they are as they don’t make money. Or if they crack an astounding deal after flying to Hong-kong, they think of how they …

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Of Being a Mother

You know when women talk about motherhood, most mention how rewarding the experience is… how they love the hugs and kisses and all the tender moments you get to experience with your babies. What they do not mention though is the terrifying aspect of it. Oh no, I am not talking about the 24×7 duty …

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