Shirt, Tie, Pinafore, Salwar… WTH?

I pass a school on my way to work and this morning, I happened to notice the uniform. The boys wore pink shirts, grey shorts and grey ties. The girls wore pink shirts, grey pinafores and grey ties… and black salwars underneath!!!I was like, WTH. Why make them wear so many layers in India, which is typically a hot country? If you don’t want the girls to wear skirts that bare the legs, make them wear a proper kurta with the salwar. For comfort, you can substitute the kameez with a light vest. That will leave the girls free from the hassle of a dupatta and add to the smartness quotient. Or if you want them to wear pinafores, add long socks or light stockings to the uniform. Why make them wear thick bulky salwars that too in stark black colour. The entire outfit looks hideous. Can you guys imagine? I could not click pics from a fast moving vehicle but will try to in the coming days.

Smart Indian School Uniform
This is smart and conservative

Then afterwards, I was thinking why they would do that? Is it deliberate, to dress school going girls in dowdy outfits covered from neck to toe so that they are kept safe? Are they respecting the sensibilities of the Indian middle class where certain people still have reservations about their daughters wearing skirts and shorts? Or is it that the school is just plain conservative?

Whatever the reason be, I can not stop thinking about those little girls sweltering in their classrooms while I sit comfortably in my air conditioned office.


Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)