The WhatsApp Nuisance

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last two years or are of the rare populace who has managed to resolutely stay away from the charms of smartphones, chances are you use WhatsApp. If not, I envy you. When it was launched, I was excited to have this cool IM app that could be used to send texts and pictures over Wifi. The audio messages and audio calls that came later were pretty cool too. Oh and the emojis were fun…! Over time, the WhatsApp Utility was replaced by The WhatsApp Nuisance! I joined numerous groups over the

Hang In There… It Gets Better

I had a horrible day today. Been reflecting on my thoughts and realised that I have been negative about things for a while now. So I have been creating progressively worsening days for myself. So today is the kind of day which needs to end with a stiff drink and a bitching session about things and people bothering me. Trouble is if I go into that mode, the logical side takes over and tells me of all the things I did wrong to bring this upon me. Sometimes, I don’t even need to bother. People around me would do that…

Mental Age

A few days back, I turned a year older. I added another year to my age and as always, I sat back to ponder… is my mental age catching up? I still feel like I am in my twenties. I sometimes have nightmares about taking exams. I am still amazed at how much my daughter has grown and how fast she is still growing. Amongst all this, my body feels the fatigue but my mind does not.. well, maybe I don’t look like a twenty five year old but feeling that way comes pretty close! What say?

A Blogger’s Dilemma #MicroblogMondays #MondayMusings

I am drawing an absolute blank today. Usually, I have lots of things to say. As I look out of my window this morning, I can see and hear the traffic and not the greens or the birds. There are things on my mind today but I am at a loss to say anything about anything in this blog post. I was looking around twitter hoping for inspiration when I cam across someone talking about top tweets. I signed up with MyTopTweet and this is my top tweet in the last 3200! New #giveaway at my blog! Enter for 5 copies