I Confess

The Kiss of Love

I confess to letting my kid watch TV everyday….. I confess to letting my kid stay up late…. I confess to leaving her in the care of others while I go out…. Before you judge me for being a bad mother- I confess to letting my kid watch TV at the dinner table so she …

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Why Aren’t They Telling That?

This happened while watching the Chennai floods coverage on TV the other night. News: Bad governance in Chennai, areas are flooded, people are in trouble, there is a shortage of food etc etc.  Daughter: Did people die in Chennai? Husband: Perhaps. Daughter: Then why aren’t they telling that? I did not know whether to laugh at …

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Birthday Celebrations – #MicroblogMondays #MondayMusings

I am zonked!!! It was my daughter’s birthday on 3rd. She turned 5. We had a celebration at her school, then a family lunch followed by an evening celebration at her day care. The next two days were spent in party preparations because we had planned her big 5th Birthday Party on Sunday, the 6th. …

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