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Today’s Prompt: Do you ever secretly snap pictures without the subject knowing? Tell us about a secret shot you’ve taken.
Photo: Close

Ususally I don’t. I ask before snapping a complete stranger’s picture. Some people agree. Some don’t. I do respect their wishes. This comes form the fact that I have a cute daughter. Quite often people try to photograph her. Whenever someone does it without permission, I don’t like it. When people ask, I am generally okay with it and I ask my daughter to make the choice. If she wants to pose or not. But the secret pic taking is not something I like.

However, we all do things sometimes that are out of character. Don’t we?

It was July last year and I was travelling alone for work. I had an evening to myself a summer evening in London shouldn’t be wasted indoors! So I picked my camera and set about to Trafalgar Square. All by myself. The whole story is in another blogpost titled Travelling Alone & Realisations at Trafalgar Square. On that evening, I clicked strangers without their permission. Random people who were interesting because of what they were wearing or doing. In my defence, other than the performers everyone was clicked from the back. So no faces!

I am sharing a picture of a girl who like me, was there all by herself. She had a snack, wandered around a bit and left. What was striking about her was he vivid red hair. She was wearing a bright pink jacket. Now everyone who says redheads can’t wear pink because it clashes, take a look at her. She looked stunning!


What do you think? I think she totally makes it work! As for clicking pictures without the subject knowing, I don’t recollect having done that again… I am okay when someone going about their business comes in my frame. I don’t consciously try to shoot them!

For today’s photo prompt I present a closeup of my daughter when she was a few weeks old. Mother’s Day just went by. What do you expect? 🙂

CloseUp Baby

6 thoughts on “Close – #NaBloPoMo May 11 – #Baby”

  1. Haha. One day during a particularly boring Accounts lecture, I snapped a gal yawning on the first bench. And set it as the group icon of our whatsapp group. The number of insults I earned will never let me forget about that pic! 😛

  2. Trafalgar Square is a great place for people-watching and secret snapping. I’m a bit like you though – I often take photos from behind – my NaBloPoMo shot is also of the back of a person. I’m a bit too shy to take them front on!

    1. I agree… People watching too if not people snapping… Have you ever asked anyone if you could take their picture? I am heading over to your blog now to check out your post… Thanks for visiting!

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