Far – #NaBloPoMo May 12 – #ParaSailing

Today’s Prompt: What is the hardest subject to photograph? Photo: Far I have always found photographing people most difficult. Kids don’t stay still and it is challenging but fun to photograph them. Most kids are oblivious of the photographs. Those who pose do so with extreme confidence. The shy ones hide in a corner and don’t allow you to picture them at all. The pictures though (when they are not blurred) look great because of this. The people who are self conscious are the hardest. Many people believe they do not photograph well and are so uncomfortable in front of the

Close – #NaBloPoMo May 11 – #Baby

Today’s Prompt: Do you ever secretly snap pictures without the subject knowing? Tell us about a secret shot you’ve taken. Photo: Close Ususally I don’t. I ask before snapping a complete stranger’s picture. Some people agree. Some don’t. I do respect their wishes. This comes form the fact that I have a cute daughter. Quite often people try to photograph her. Whenever someone does it without permission, I don’t like it. When people ask, I am generally okay with it and I ask my daughter to make the choice. If she wants to pose or not. But the secret pic taking