What is the big deal about period leave

Ever since a Mumbai based agency declared Period Leave, everyone and their aunt have been talking about it. Feminists, Anti Feminists and non feminists have been airing their views on social media. There were the debates calling this move regressive. So many women cited instances of doing important meeting and stuff in their period or…Continue Reading “What is the Big Deal about Period Leave?”

Roles Women Play Mother

Every year as March rolls in, tons and tons of blog posts, articles and videos begin to circulate the net about challenges a woman faces. All of it sounds cliched but then there is a contant need to remind ourselves that feminsm exists because women’s issues do. They do need to be talked about so they can be acknowledged, identified and resolved. However, in all that sound sometimes we forget the need to celebrate being a woman and the many roles we play in our lives. This Women’s Day, I want to talk about the three major roles women play and what are my lessons from some women I have observed in these roles. I would start of course with Motherhood.

There is no denying that being a mother is the turning point in every mother’s life. It is a truly life changing experience. The reason for that is that you are now responsible for another person who is simply not capable of caring for themselves. They say parenting has evolved, has changed in the last few decades. I think parenting style may have changed but the essence of a mother daughter relationship remains the same. My mother was a home minister. Not a housewife, not a home maker but truly a home minister. My dad was busy earning for us and mom filled in all other roles except the breadwinner. She was the caretaker, nurse, cook, procurer and the accountant of the family. She immersed herself in her children and home to such a great extent that her own identity faded and came to be very strongly attached to us. Needless to say, when I married and moved to my husband’s home and my brother left to pursue higher education (almost at the same time), the empty nest syndrome hit her so hard that she fell ill. Physically ill. There are many things I have learnt from my mother throughout my life and here are some of them.

Lessons I learnt from my Mother

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