Overreaction or Genuine Rage? #MicroblogMondays #MondayMusings

This morning I was wondering about what to write for my regular Monday post. I had no life updates to give, have been incessantly talking beauty for the last week and have reviewed the books I read too. Suman Kher solved that problem for me when she shared this tweet.. Do you look pretty in your #Linkedin photo? Think again: pic.twitter.com/IJYuPvUwka — Suman Kher (@Suman_Kher) September 14, 2015 It has started a debate that is still going on in our twitter group. My first reaction after reading this tweet was Really? Even #LinkedIn? As inappropriate as going to a funeral to

Yes or No: Is My Choice

Sex in itself is a Taboo in India… not only talking, but even doing it! There is a certain level of shame or embarrassment associated with it. Its ironic that this does not stop our population from exploding, but that is a topic for another day. Today, I want to say that if we call sex a taboo, you can imagine how we view pre-marital sex.      There a plenty of stories we have heard about arranged marriages being broken, about character assassinations and families shamed because their daughter is ‘not pure’. All of this demonstrates the society’s view

The Guilt…

“…..Women, on the other hand, fail to celebrate their successes, constantly feeling guilty about their achievements. If they achieve an exceptionally clean kitchen after hours of slogging, they think about how worthless they are as they don’t make money. Or if they crack an astounding deal after flying to Hong-kong, they think of how they miss picking up their child after school. They are constantly feeling guilty, let down and inadequate….”   excerpt from Rujuta Diwekar’s site. Here is the full piece    So true!!!