What Makes Blogging Worth It?

I began blogging on 30 November 2004. For someone who regularly forgets birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates, remembering a date like this is a big deal. It just proves how important blogging is to me. Of course, that is the reason I have been at it for the last dozen years. Yes, I quit but I came back. So why do I do it? What makes blogging worth it? Friends I found some great friends through my blog early on. I am thankful to say that the trend continued. To this day I find wonderful people and some of

What does Instagram know about me?

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning and was curious about the ads that were shown to me. Why were these particular ads shown? What was the basis of targeting? What does Instagram know about me? I took screenshots and then tried to analyse what Instagram knows about me. So, here are the ads : Smaaash Smaash is a Mumbai based sports and entertainment centre. I have been there twice in the last few years. I was quite surprised when this ad showed up on my feed. I am neither into sports nor do I visit a lot of

Trivial Wish List

My trivial wish list – A long leisurely shower A shopping trip with great bargains A little bit of rain A day with no chores or work Regular electricity and water supply Batter time management A more efficient brain Ability to shut off from work once I close my lappie Ability to actually close my lappie A DSLR… sigh An opportunity to shoot a great pic everyday…. Zit free skin!!! It ain’t that long… this list of small little things that I wish for, to be happy…. is it?

Things I did for the first time in life this year…

Para Sailed and looked at a glittering green ocean from what seemed like the top of the world. Then turned my head to look at land… small houses, tiny roads… had my gaze pulled back to the ocean and observed the dark patches on the water. Realised that they were the plants growing on the sea bed! Really wished I had a camera at that point. Walked on the sea bed and reached out to fish swimming within two centimeters of me Wore a two piece swimsuit and got tan lines all over my back!!! Ate octopus – hard meat,


At the beginning of this year, I had made a few resolutions. Eight of them to be exact. Lets see how I have fared on all of them… Drink Water – I must’ve been a camel in the last birth, coz I can survive even the hottest summer days on 2-3 glasses of water! But the point is I’m human in this birth and humans need to drink water. So there… Yay, I did well on this one! I now have at least a litre of water everyday, and at times even more… pat on your back Anks! Blog More