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First it was Ricky and then it was Silky – both tagged me and gave me different alphabets! And the good girl that I am, I just cudn’t say no. So here it is, the alphabet taggie. M for Ricky and S for Silky…

  1. Mom – Everybody loves mom, and I am no exception!
  2. Me – When I saw the letter M, the first thing that flashed through my mind was my nickname, which begins with M! So I identify with M about as much as I do with A! But that’s not the only reason for saying Me. There is another, a much bigger reason… which is that me happens to be very important. A friend once told me that my world is divided into circles. The outermost circle has my acquaintances, then friends, then close friends and relatives, then my immediate family and at the centre of it all is me! So very true it is coz that’s exactly how I am. I give a lot of importance to me. Bottom line, I am selfish…
  3. Music – This had to be there, considering how much music I listen to these days! It’s rarely ever that I completely concentrate on music, for its always playing in the background whether I’m studying or reading or working. There is nothing like the peaceful hum of Gayatri Mantra or chants of Hare Krishna early in the morning, the soft crooning of Lata, Rafi and Kishore in the day and an occasional zing of today’s music… Trust me; music can make even the most irritating of tasks bearable!
  4. Movies – A true blue Bollywood fan I used to be. Used to see all kinds of films and even enjoy lots of them! But over the last few years, as I have become busier my tolerance has gone down. I watch few films these days. Have not seen RDB yet and saw Swades only recently on TV, that too after getting about a million rave reviews. But I seriously love good commercial cinema and comedies of yesteryears… Sadly, they don’t make ‘em like that anymore!
  5. Mindgames – A synonym for puzzles. I love doing puzzles and have been cracking them ever since I remember. But I can’t do the mathematic one. Word games are my absolute favourite, closely followed by logic games. Sometimes when I am feeling low, solving a good puzzle really cheers me up! A Mindgame for you guys – Form as many English words as possible from the word PLANETS. The words you form need to have at least three letters. Let me know your count!
  6. Moolah – Money Money Money! Is money important? Yeah, important enough to be included here but not so that I obsess over it. Nobody likes not having money and I am no exception. But all the same, I’ve never given it too much importance, so much so that I lend money and forget, and I borrow money and forget!
  7. Morality – Each one of us has our own morals. The elders say that morals fall with every generation. In this world of ‘chalta hai’ and ‘you have to succeed’ are morals important? To me they are! How much – a lot!
  8. Mush – I can’t stand mushy stuff these days. Especially the ultra mushy e-mails that random ppl keep forwarding. They don’t even know you well and will send mails like you are their life and soul. Such a bunch of crap.
  9. Mumbai – My city, my home! I love the city. Its spirit, its tendency to accept all sorts of ppl, and the ability to let you be. Though the falling infrastructure levels pain me, I can’t stop loving the city…
  10. Masti – How could I leave this out? Now if you think I am talking about the film, you are wrong! I am talking about pure, unadulterated fun. We have so many frustrated and unhappy souls around because no one does masti anymore. That’s why I try to do as much masti as I can. Pulling each others leg at lunch, at work, at home – all the masti to keep me happy!


  1. Smile – A smile is a curve that can set many things straight. I agree. A genuine smile just lights up the face. I really can’t stand fake smiles a-la Aishwarya Rai, nor can I stand ppl who don’t smile. I mean, ek muskaan mein unka kya jaata hai?
  2. Style – Having a style of your own is such a cool thing. I really admire the ppl who are stylish and slightly envious of those who are effortlessly stylish. Then again there are those who will blindly copy others or embrace fads and look like fools… Being stylish is so much better than being trendy. No?
  3. Sunflower – Not my favourite flowers and I never used to like them much till a few years back. We were going on a vacation and I was reading a book, paying no attention to the scene outside. After a while mom asked me look out of the window. I did and saw a vast expanse of sunflower field to my left. Acres and acres of sunflowers. Some scene that was. I quite like the flowers since that day!
  4. Sleep – I love to sleep. Period!
  5. Soch – Soch or thought travels faster than anything possible. It is capable of so many things – wonderful and creative or evil and horrible. Depends on us which direction we take our soch to. And keeping it on the right track is really a tough task. It has a tendency to wander off into tangents at very odd moments!
  6. Satisfaction – A big word and an even bigger significance for me. For me, satisfaction is the most important thing. I am miserable if I am not satisfied with my work, my studies or anything in life! Same goes with a lot of ppl I guess. But its so easy to be dissatisfied with what you have. I even did a post on it once. You can read it here.
  7. Solo – Solo used to be the name of the ice candy we used to eat way back in junior college. My fav flavour was Orange (still is, btw!) and I remember having it slowly, sucking all the juice out of the candy. Kya din the woh…
  8. Singing – My only regret in life (and I can’t do anything about it) is that I can not sing 🙁
  9. Surfing – I can’t simply surf the net. In fact even when I need information, I find surfing the net really irksome. I just dunno how ppl can spend hours and hours on the net, doing nothing and just surfing…
  10. Stilettos – The ultimate feminine shoes! And I can’t wear those narrow high heals. But they do look super and just spunk up the outfit with which they are worn. But damn painful for the feet!

    I am not tagging anyone for the simple reason that most of you have been tagged already… but I’ll take Ricky’s cue and gladly give you an alphabet if you ask for it!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)