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I read this story once. There was a little town with a small population. All the people were going about their life, doing their work, content with a small town’s simple life. Then one day a guy gets married to rich man’s daughter from a big city. She brings with her a shining merc, and a host of gadgets and appliances which are essential for a luxurious lifestyle. Instantaly, the items became the talk of the town. And soon, all the townsfolk, perfectly happy with their lives were discontent. They suddenly found the money they had was not enough, the small town and its facilities not adequate, and they felt envious towards those few who did have them. The peace and harmony of the town was lost. The stress levels rose, and people were falling sick more often. There were fights among friends, fights among relatives, fights among family. The happy town was no longer happy!
What went wrong? Why did people suddenly crave things they didn’t really need? Its just that they saw someone else having the things, and then felt the need for it themselves, but did they really need it?

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