Embracing The Sari: #MicroblogMondays

The new year began with me being sick again and by the time I was back in my feet, social and blog posts wishing happy new year were meaningless. That unplanned hiatus led me to realise that I did not need to spend as much time on social media as I had been. As a result, I am spending much less time on Facebook now, logging in once every two or three days. I am on Instagram and occasionally on twitter, so if you have been keeping up there, you know I have worn saris twice this year already! If


They say change is the only constant. But when the change is for the worse, how do you cope with that? Some time back, I had a successful stint with the Wheat Belly Diet and lost a few inches. The change was noticeable and lots of people commented on my weight loss. But then, I had to discontinue it. I tried to maintain it by the occasional GM Diet  but that is not a sustainable solution. So, my weight loss reversed and over the last few months, I have put on a lot of weight. I did stop eating carbs and

My Trainer Avatar #MicroblogMondays

I have missed a few Microblog Monday posts and was not keen on doing it this week so here it is… second post in the day! I am sharing my Trainer Avatar with all of you… This is what I wore during my most recent training trip to Netherlands. I don’t dress like this in India because our dress code is Business Casual. Besides, let us face it, Indian wear is much more comfortable in the hot humid Indian climate than western formals. So when I travel, I take full advantage of the opportunity. So what do think of my

Of Expectations…

We have so many expectations… from things, from people, from the world in general and ourselves in particular that something or someone is always falling short of our expectations. I think half of our problems would be solved if we stopped having expectations from people. Taking my own example, I want to excel at my job, at being a good mother, at being a good homemaker, a blogger, a writer and also lose those excess kilos that are slowly pushing me from over weight to obese. Like everyone else, I too have 24 hours in a day. This means that