Embracing The Sari: #MicroblogMondays

The new year began with me being sick again and by the time I was back in my feet, social and blog posts wishing happy new year were meaningless. That unplanned hiatus led me to realise that I did not need to spend as much time on social media as I had been. As a result, I am spending much less time on Facebook now, logging in once every two or three days. I am on Instagram and occasionally on twitter, so if you have been keeping up there, you know I have worn saris twice this year already! If you have not, why why why? Follow me on Insta and Twitter now!!!

Ankita Pink Sari

So, why is wearing sari a big deal for me? First, I love wearing them but hardly ever do. So twice in a month is actually pretty great considering sometimes I wear them twice in a year! Also since I am grappling with fluctuations in weight, sari is the only garment that I feel truly beautiful in… sigh!

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