A Walk in The Rain #BookReview

A Walk in The Rain

A walk in the rain… isn’t the title of the book itself reminiscent of old world romance? In the world of Slam Bam Thank You M’am kind of flings, the promise of a walk in the rain sounds so very romantic. That was not the sole reason I picked this book by Udai Yadla. The blurb from Goodreads will tell you why!

Plot of A Walk in The Rain

Love is elixir that keeps you alive. Love is poison that kills you. Unreciprocated love keeps you alive but kills every day.

Heartbroken Sunny lives a reclusive life, trapped in the past, living in his memories. He has no complaints about his life but refuses to embrace the present.

Saloni is a prostitute who is desperate to earn money by any means. She does not care about exploiting others to fulfill her purpose.

Fate unites the loner and the prostitute to embark on a life changing journey of retribution and self discovery.

Lovelorn Sunny turns misogynistic after Sandy, the only girl he loved walks away from his life, unannounced. He suffers painful solitude for almost two decades with the relentless haunting of her thoughts. A distressed friend Imran, vows to change his life forever. A surprise planned for his birthday turns into a tragedy that claims the life of his dear friend, triggering a series of unbelievable events. As Imran gets killed by a stranger, Sunny’s calm life suddenly turns into a turbulent storm. With nothing left to live for, vengeance becomes his ultimate mission. His reluctant alliance with a prostitute to trace the killer sets him onto a nerve racking adventure of life and death.

Both are bound to a common goal with different motives but destiny has its own motive. A walk in the rain is an intricate tale of intense emotions, driven by hair raising twists and turns.

What I liked about A Walk in The Rain

I liked the core idea here: Childhood sweethearts. It has been very long since I have read a book about them. What is great about the characters is that they have not really moved on. The boy especially is so dedicated to his lost love that it is equal parts endearing and an equal parts unbelievable. The book is peppered with tender moments here and there which, while they break the flow of the story sometimes, keep the romance alive. I also liked that each side character of importance has their own back story. You do not simply wonder who this is when they make an appearance. The author takes care to explain them to you, often giving you the state of mind without being patronising. Each of these back stories serve a purpose and tie in with the main narrative.

What I Did Not Like about A Walk in The Rain

What I did not like is that story is quite unbelievable. In today’s age and time, the instant gratification generation to have this kind of dedication for someone you may never meet again is rare. While one can argue that this makes the characters stand out, the male protagonist especially is too ideal (and not in a Raj Malhotra way, DDLJ fan here!). I could not relate to him at all. The plot is interesting but not flawless. There are elements of a crime novel here that are there to create situations that affect the protagonists. If I were not reading a romance, I would question some of these for sure.

Final Thoughts about A Walk in The Rain

To summarise, I would say that A Walk in The Rain is an interesting story that could have been better if it were more relatable. If the author had set this in say, the 70s or 80s, it would have been made so much more sense. The sensibilities of th characters and the situations are much better suited to that period. That said, the book is still worth a read on those days that you are looking for a romantic drama but nothing too mushy.

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