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Ever since I got my DSLR in 2009, I have carried it with me on almost every trip I have been on. I can count on my fingers the few trips that I left it behind home. On every international trip, I have carried it around with me and come back with literally thousands of pictures. So, this time when I took the uncharacteristic decision to leave my DSLR behind, for a trip to Europe no less, hubby was quite surprised. However, my mind was made up. I was not going to get much time sight seeing this time and carrying around my heavy DSLR for a just a few hours of use seemed too much. I decided I would rely on my iPhone for the photography this time!

Having relied on the iPhone to do point and shoot photography on my last holiday, I was pretty confident that I would come badck with loads of good pictures. Now, when I am back home and have browsed the pictures on the phone, I am quite happy that I did not go around carrying a heavy DSLR . Other than the frozen fingers since iPhone camera did not work with gloves, I have no complaints. I was able to go around the city carrying a small purse and my phone came out of my coat pocket every time I needed to click.

When I have a to explore a city on my own in a few hours, I invariably take a hop on hop off tour. This time was no exception and since I was in Amsterdam, a canal tour it was. Sitting inside the boat with the glass windows, I was easily able to view the city sites and my trigger happy self took hundreds of pictures! A DSLR makes taking pics thru glass windows a bit of a challenge.

The biggest advantage was asking other people to take pics of me. I used to always hunt for someone with a Nikon DSLR and request them to take pics of me. It was much easier explaining the controls to such a person. With the iPhone, I was able to ask any of the other travellers to do it for me and once I offered to click theirs in return, we were all happy tourists.

I also liked that my pics synched to the cloud every time I had wifi 🙂 so back up was immediately available. I have heard horror stories of losing cameras and cashed memory cards…

Overall, I am happy with the results of my experiment and think I will rely a lot more on the phone for pictures from now on!

Leaving you guys with a few pictures from the trip to The Netherlands 🙂


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  1. When I went to Amsterdam back in 2004, I had a new 5 megapixel digital camera that had no zoom. The phone cameras are all much better than that now.

    I’ve also never had a DSLR because by far the majority of my photography is travel photography, and I don’t want to lug around a heavy camera with extra lenses.

  2. iphone is good. Just moved to Moto X Play and I find that equally good. In some cases a little better as it captures wider angles. I still my DSLR for the sheer joy of capturing details. 🙂

    1. I have never seen the Moto X in action but have heard good things about it! I agree that now the DSLR now comes out only when the occasion really demands it 🙂

  3. Last December holidays, we went on many trips around the city. I carried around the Nikon DSLR on the first day and my the end of the day my neck gave up. With it I am always worried I will drop it down and thus pay increased attention to its well being, so much that I cannot focus on the surroundings. With the kid too wanting to use his hands at clicking pictures, it has become a nuisance. On the following trips, I left it behind at home and clicked pictures with my phone. It does not give great shots but yes it helps in making memories.
    The man in the third photo must be a genious to make that painting of the bridge. I saw your photos on Instagram and all of them are lovely.

    1. I know Anamika… a DSLR is like another baby to take care of! We have had our share of drops during travel when there is so much to look after… It definitely is easier to have a phone camera while travelling with a toddler.

      That man was a genius for sure. I stood there for 5 mins watching him paint and tried to see what he was doing… brilliant!!

    1. I did indeed!!! I have explored the settings and apart from filters there really is not much control offered on the iphone camera… unless there are other apps that do it!

  4. I just got a Canon DSLR and I’ve left it home for apartment hunting trips, but I’m taking it with me on my next one as I missed pictures I’d liked to have.

    I like the iPhone, it’s certainly doing pretty well at pictures, these are beautiful, but I’m still pretty attached to the DSLR. I did get a very, very light one, rather than one of the heavier ones. I have physical limitations that mean that lightness makes a huge difference!

    1. The weight of a DSLR is indeed a big factor in deciding when to take it and when to not… for blog shoots and stuff I would still use my DSLR but not so much for travel now 🙂

  5. I love the pictures, so beautiful….I wanted to see more. I also rely on my Asus Zenfone 2 for pictures and it does a great job.
    I cannot always get the shot if depth is required but still a lot of options are available. IGood you had fun with your Iphone.

    1. Thank you Inderpreet. I will share some more on the blog soon 🙂 Asus Zenfone 2 has a superb camera as well…. it has brilliant low light and selfie options!

  6. With the rise of selfies, I didn’t know that people still took photos for others! I always enjoyed the look of pleasure I would get when I would tell someone, “Let me take that photo of you.”
    Looks like the iPhone did just fine.

    1. I ask them… and I aslo offer it… there was this girl near the canal who almost fell into the water while taking a selfie. I offered to take a pic and then she was delighted 🙂 so I know what you mean 🙂

  7. These are beautiful … Loved the clarity!! I take all my travel photos with phones – Mine and the husband’s. the only problem is sometimes I run out of memory.

  8. Ah Yes! I know the feeling. Two years ago I pestered my hubby for a new Cannon ( not a DSLR because it is too heavy) but last year I left it at home only to take pictures with my iPhone and I couldn’t agree more. It is a much better idea than lugging around another piece of equipment which you have to remember to carry every where, to keep it charged – my batteries always run out at the most crucial time) and above all easy to share on the net. I loved using my iPhone so much that I now don’t even want my iPad around.

    1. wow… your Cannon must really be gathering dust then 😛 My hubby stopped using his iPad once he moved to iphone too… just easy to use!

  9. They are really nice. I bought my Nokia lumia with real lense technology just to replace my mirrorless camera. Even though mirrorless is compact than a dslr with same picture quality I did want to carry a camera at all. Nice post!

    1. Thanks Ankita… I know what you mean… the convenience of a good phone cmera is unmatched… how does your Lumia do on battery though?

  10. Beautiful images. good idea to leave the DSLR behind. I had a digital camera, but I was tired of the batteries giving out everytime I needed it. I gave up on it since then and use the phone for picts.

  11. Great photographs. I remember seeing a blog or an article in which the photographer had used only an IPhone and take some stunning photographs. Makes it so much more convenient as you say.

    1. Oh yes… it was about a wedding…. this photographer had completely covered the wedding with just iPhone pics 🙂 happy you liked my pics!

  12. I feel so positive about this post because in my last few trips I have not carried the camera even once. Everyone with me was running around with big, bulky cameras and I really felt left out with my smartphone. But then I consoled myself that I was there to take back beautiful stories more than beautiful shots.
    Netherland looks great!

    1. Oh yes… that one trip where my camera refused to function, I made more memories than any other… so I know exactly what you mean here 🙂

  13. Netherlands looks so inviting! I have been a huge fan of pocket friendly gadgets myself, convenient and easily portable.

  14. Nice ones, Anks.
    I still carry my DSLR everywhere, but yes, the iPhone has definitely made it a lot easier in terms of photographing moments and at great resolutions.
    Welcome back 🙂

    1. On the occasion I am expected to take lots of pictures, like a blogging event or a holiday, I would still want to take my camera… you saw how dismayed I was in Goa… right? But on work trips? No more DSLR now 😛

      Thanks Sid.. it is actually great to be back!!

  15. I also don’t like carrying the dslr. It’s another thing to take care of.And when you have the iphone that really does take care of photos…by the way, netherlands is really beautiful, isn’t it?

    1. I agree… I was not so happy with my Samsung Note 2 phone camera so DSLR made sense… but now, it does not… and yes, Netherlands is so so gorgeous… I am bummed I got so little time there 🙁

    1. So convenient now! I never did like the pics from my Samsung Note 2 as much as these… Thank you for liking the pics… Watch out for more 🙂

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