Weekend #MicroblogMondays

On Friday evening, I was in a good mood. So much so that even my colleague commented on it. I told him the weekend is here!! I had grand plans of completing tons of things on Saturday including scheduling a few blog posts for this this week. Turns out, fate had other plans. I spent Saturday frustratingly devoid of blogging mojo and could not get a decent post out. I should have blogged in the garden like the header image shows! What I eventually published was half of what I had planned. Then, I began packing for my upcoming trip. I pulled out the banished woollens and realised half of them don’t fit me any more. Even the coats won’t button up 🙁

While my bedroom resembled a hurricane stricken room with clothes strewn about, hubby got a call from some senior colleague who would be in the vicinity in the afternoon. We invited them to tea and I went about getting lunch ready, cleaning the house and prepping for evening snacks. Come evening and we learnt that the couple were delayed. They were then stuck in traffic close to an hour. By the time they came, the high tea hour had long gone and we were knocking the doors of dinner time. I then thanked God for my support staff and went about preparing dinner, largely leaving the hosting duties to hubby! The evening ended well but we were all very tired. I was lazy the next morning and started feeling unwell. It was evening finally when I re started the packing and spent an hour snapping at everyone when I could not find the stuff I needed. Why do we do that? I wondered later.

Well, I got up this morning feeling that the only thing I accomplished in the weekend was about 80% packing. Today dawned with both the maid and the cook taking leaves! Ah well… Monday Blues 😛


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