Things To Know If You Want to Go Backpacking in India

Backpacking in India

Backpacking in India is not a common phenomenon. Rarely does one come across travelers who carry their world on their shoulders and proceed on a budget trip across the distant and varied landscape of the country. That said, there are a few adventure seekers who dare to attempt it. If you are a non Indian looking to backpack across India, these are some of the things you should know about before going backpacking in India.

 Backpacking in India
There are two Indias. There is the affluent India which is developed cities, rich farmers, chrome and glass business districts, luxury hotels and big cars. There is also the poor India that is dusty, with broken electricity, no sanitation and less education. A traveller would come across both and would need to adopt to them differently. In an Indian metropolitan city, a foreigner would probably attract a few curious glances, a few requests for selfies and some beggars asking for money. In a remote village, a foreigner is a thing of wonder. The individual could be beholded with wonder and treated like a royal guest or robbed of all material possessions. Yes, India is like that. Staying incognito is a good idea. As much as possible. Backpackers should avoid drawing attention to themselves. Gadgets and money should not be flaunted. A great idea would be to keep the expensive phones back at home and buy a cheap phone in India!
The very concept of backpacking is the flexibility. Go where you like, stop where you like and eat where you like. You could still do that in India but never be ignorant of all the places you want to go to. A traveler must always do their research on the route and possible stops. There are travel portals, blogs and forums that can be used. Whether the plan is to cover the popular destinations or off beat ones, there should be plenty of information.

India is not just hot and dusty! Many parts of India have a proper winter with temperature reaching single digits. And these are the plans not even the mountains. It is definitely a good idea to travel in the cooler months preferably November and December when the fierceness of the sun is low and a bitter winter has not set in.

I would say that very few countries in the world could match up to the diverse travel experience that India has to offer. Especially to backpackers. A train journey along the picturesque western coastline is delightful. The backwater experience in God’s own country Kerala which has tonnes of home stay options. The palaces of Rajasthan that are reminiscent of the old world splendour. The snow clad peaks in Leh, the lush green mountains of Himachal or the barren rocky ones at Sikkim, each different, each beautiful in their own right. The forest reserves at Gir for the Lions or Periyar for the elephants or The Sunderbans for The Royal Bengal Tiger. Jungle safaris sure to offer an unforgettable adventure.  And of course, no trip to India can be complete without a viewing of the Taj Mahal!

Things To Know If You Want to Go Backpacking in India
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So if you are looking for a travel experience of a lifetime, look up India, plan your route and get your backpack.

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  1. thanks for this wonderful information about backpacking in India. India is the most amazing place to visit as there are various things to see. one is ofcourse taj mahal, there are various hill stations. there are various places to visit in rajasthan, like Brahmakumaris spiritual university at Mount Abu, Jaipur city, Chittorgarh.

    1. I agree Anthony! It is indeed the most amazing place.. you can experience literally everything out here 🙂

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