Weekly Photo Challenge – On The Way

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “On the Way.”

On the ferry from Sausalito Island to San Francisco, California. It was a fun day and I enjoyed this relaxing ferry ride. You see the famous Alcatraz island in the background

Sausalito to San Francisco


I walked quite a bit in London and saw these medallions all over the city. Didn’t know the significance then but they seemed so interesting so I ended up snapping a few.

Jubilee Walkway London

My daughter’s first Metro ride! The ride was undertaken just so she could enjoy the experience…

Metro Ride


From Tsango lake in Sikkim to the car park. It was a short walk but the bitter cold made it impossible for us to walk. So a yak ride was the only solution to be on our way…

Yak Ride


I couldn’t wait to reach The Peak at Hong Kong for a view of the city! So started snapping pics while in the elevator 😛


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