The Children’s Place in Mumbai

The Children's Place

Blogger’s meets where the invitation extends to my daughter too are kinda special. To top it all, if the invite is for something she loves like clothes, it becomes an extremely enjoyable experience for both of us. And then, if the brand is like The Children’s Place, then we can be rest assured that we will be taken care of. The Children’s Place is an international children apparel’s brand that opened two stores in Mumbai recently. I was invited to visit their store in Phoenix Mills. The first thing that hit me as soon as I entered was how neatly they had organised the stuff!

The Childrens Place
First View of the Store

The store has girl’s wear to the left, boys wear to the right and accessories. Yes, you read it right – accessories graced the middle. Everything from aviators to straw hats were present in the accessories section. Often, I had to drag my daughter away from the beads and necklaces. They were so cute! As we roamed the aisles with goodies, I looked at clothing options for both boys and girls and was happy to realise that they were a plenty. There were options ranging from causal wear to occasion wear displayed in neat rows. The best part was that the clothes were hung according to size. The ubiquitous store attendants would quickly set everything right as soon as the customers moved to the next rack. I was very happy to note that there were a range of colour options available for the girls. While the usual pinks were there, we also had lots of peaches, blues and even green, orange and lavender. There was a time when most of my daughter’s wardrobe was pink. Thereafter, I took a concious call to include as many colours as I could! In this aspect, The Children’s Place did not disappoint!

The Childrens Place
Cute Dresses
The Childrens Place
Play Wear
The Children's Place
The Children's Place
I want all the bags!!
The Children's Place
Which One?

I must say a word about the store attendants! It looks like love for children was a criteria for hiring because all of them were so very sweet with the kids. When they sensed that the kids were getting bored, they were whisked off for a game of ice hockey! As you can see in the pic below, my daughter had filled a shopping bag that she refused to let go of. So, a lady was always around offering to relieve her of the heavily loaded bag.

The Children's Place
Being entertained

The highlight of the event though was the sound bytes the brand asked us. We spoke to them about our experience with the place and what we liked. My daughter was happy to be a part of it and she gave a sound byte too!!

I liked everything at The Children’s Place – right from the clothes to the accessories to the layout. The only thing that I would advise them to add on would be a place to sit for the tiny tots. That would ensure when the babies are tired, they can rest and mommies can continue shopping happily!

More about The Children’s Place here –




Locations (Mumbai):

High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel (Opened on 29th Jan)

Infiniti Mall, Malad (Opened on 13th Feb)


Have you visited the store? What was your experience like? Do you enjoy shopping for your child’s clothes or do you find it a chore?

I was invited by the brand for the store visit and was given a hamper for attending. The views expressed in this post are my own though.

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