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Let Me Tell You A Story

Do you remember I talked about bringing happy stories to you? I was sick of the negative stories all around and wanted to share good stories with you. So, I bring to you the first ever edition of AddaTales, a tag team story activity by Blogadda. Why am I telling you this? Coz our team won… duh! Go read the story below… and do come back here!!

#AddaTales: I Turned To See Who Was Following Me…

Read it? Liked it? Let us know what you think about this story! But then the reason I am writing about this is not the tag story above but our team that largely comprises of people I met and connected with during the Tata Motors meet last December. I was all set to write a warm fuzzy post about this awesome group and how everyone in it was great… but then the quiet AK beat me to it!!

Read his post about our awesome group: The Shaded Shadows: Surprise, surprise!

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Pic Courtesy: Pink

So in case you are wondering why the title of this post is Spamvilla, that is what our WhatsApp group is called. Okay, without further Ado, let me begin with the story…

Once upon a time, I was on the periphery of several blogging groups. Being full time employed, I was missing out on all the cool events that other lifestyle, beauty and mommy bloggers went to. Most of these events are on weekdays. As for the few that happened on weekends, I was choosy. Then at one awesome event, I met this group that had people of all shapes, sizes and ages. Different cities, professions and personalities. The only thing common was that they were all passionate bloggers. That, apparently was enough. Looking at this, the only thing I can conclude is that diversity does not matter when people are willing to look past differences, even embrace and celebrate them. 

So when I became a part of this group, we have had many awesome conversations. AK was always the quiet one. I remember the Euphoria every time he participated in a discussion. BG would go around announcing like a proud mother,”AK Bola… AK Bola”. We gave everyone nicknames. That is how Ankita Singhal became Pink and Anita became AnnieThere was this one time when Sid and I were weaving a story about Pink’s midnight rendezvous with a mysterious handsome stranger. At another, Vee confessed her undying love for Zee. When Phoo coloured her hair blue, the ladies would have bored the men to death talking about products and options 😛 Oh and how can I forget the intergalactic tale started by UK. He is sure AK is from another planet. Our group even has celebrities. Ginni, when she comes out of her blanket forts, transforms into a power travel blogger who has appeared on MTV and Doc, when he is not dreaming of duffins (doughnut muffins silly!) passionately takes up the cause of hard working doctors in India. He has several viral posts, a few published stories and even an NDTV interview to his credit! Both Sid and BG are very famous in the blogging circles too! Then there is Ani who always claims I stole his wine when in fact it was the other way round. We are forever arguing about that. Little moments made us bond further. And just like that, we went from being a group of bloggers who got along well to a cozy little family. We even have a hashtag now that says #WeAreFamily. If any one of us has a problem, however small or big it may be, we only have to mention it to the group and support comes pouring in. They may not be able to solve every problem but very often, when we are down all we need is people to tell us they care and that things will be okay. 

Oh but it is not always rose petals and showers of love. There are brickbats too. We get pulled up when we are out of line. It is the love for this virtual family that still keeps us all together. This group has taught me that there is kindness in the world, people are good and humanity can exist no matter how bad things are. I hope all of you find a group like this. A bunch of people who restore your faith in the world.


This is the first of the Let Me Tell You A Story series. This first one is something personal and close to my heart. I will be back soon with more…


14 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You A Story 1 – Spamvilla”

  1. Yay! Lovely to belong to our lively family!
    My phone never buzzed so much before you took the Zica WhatsApp group creation initiative, AnksThanks

  2. A story well weaved and it so spamville-eee!
    Thanks to you Anks! For forming the first ever group where became friends and decided to become the family that we are now 😀

  3. Sid and BG are already famous, eh? 😛
    Thanks for the mention, Anks.
    Spamvilla will remain family; but we do have our moments 😛

  4. Wow, this is so sweet. Heartwarming indeed. I had a smile throughout. You know, I have met quite a few of them and they are amazing bloggers. Loved the write up, Ankita. 🙂

  5. You are very Lucky Ankita. Most of us likeminded bloggers are spread across the globe and our only connection is FB. Glad to see many familiar faces here 🙂

  6. Whoa wow. This supersedes whatever I wrote. This is amazing. And thank you for opening the story with me. I know I’m all famous, but you really didn’t have to. I mean to say “Thank you very much” for the mention and the kind words.
    And I completely agree about the unity in diversity and urge more people to be like us- supporting and being there for one another.

    And the first story of your series is just amazing. Cheers to ‘Let me tell you a story’ and hoping to read more ( mentions of me, I mean).

    1. Of course I had to mention you AK… you reminded me of this post in my drafts 😛 Thank you for liking this post and more still for being a part of the group 🙂

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