Let Me Tell You a Story

Let Me Tell You A Story

You may have heard many stories in your life. Stories about animals and dwarfs and giants when you were kids, stories about places and people and experiences thereafter. I realised that as we grow older, our stories become sadder and sadder. Humour is often sarcastic, stories that get retold are laced in negativity. The sense of wonder that our childhood stories carried gets lost…

As a follower of the Law of Attraction, I firmly believe that the negative stories just attract more negativity into our lives. Every time a negative, sad or horror story gets retold or re-shared, the negativity multiplies manifold. We do this ourselves and then shake our heads saying, “What is the world coming to?” Can you identify with that? If you can, then leave a comment below. I will seek you out and share happy stories with you.

Let Me Tell You A Story

Let me tell you a story is an idea taking shape in my head where I will tell you happy stories. You know the kinds that make you feel like hot chocolate and soft blankets on a cold winter night? The ones that make you feel like sand beneath your toes and salty breeze in your hair? Get the picture? So tell me what you think of this idea. Would you like to read (or even hear stories) that would give you a doze of cheer everyday? I want to run this as a project and see if it makes a difference to my happiness and to those around me.

Would you be interested in something like this? Please comment below if you would and I will seek you out.

10 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You a Story”

  1. Of course who wouldn’t like to grab a book (laptop) and read stories which end with lines like… ” and they lived happily ever after”? Go ahead

  2. What a brilliant thought! I for one was depressed over something and I had shared infinite number of sad or negative stories for the last ten months. Now, that I am slowly over ‘it’, I’m seeing the change in my posts too. Would love to join, Ankita. 🙂

  3. Yes yes… Infact would love to read a long story with more details to make it engrossing and gripping.. I am sure all would like it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)