Let us thank our doctors, not beat them up

It is time for some serious soul-searching, India. Doctors need your help to end this cycle of violence NOW.

Source: Who tends to the healer’s scars | GODYEARS

I too was part of the brigade that steered clear of doctors for the simple reason that I felt the profession was not noble any more. Everyone is in it to make money and this is a business more than anything else. This collectively held belief in our society makes us see doctors as a hoard rather than a group of individuals. Individuals who are as human as you and me. Humans with feelings and emotions. Emotions tied to their loved ones – family, friends, people. People who have expectations from them – of time, of love, of money. Just like you and me. This realisation dawned on me when I met Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan, a man who works harder than anyone I know. He does 50 hour shifts regularly and in his own words,

At the end of today’s 30 hr shift, I come home to sleep today. And tomorrow I start a cycle of 48 hrs which ends on Sunday morning. I have to do this because in 90% of India, u have an acute shortage of doctors. So at the end of what is 78 hrs with 12 hrs of rest in between, I have to ensure I have the same level of concentration at the end of hour 78 as I did at hour 1

Dr Shalaka, a lady I went to school with is now a successful doctor. I was discussing this issue with her and she says,

I hate being so guarded while treating patients. You are always thinking of being medicolegally correct. Even if you know the diagnosis by clinical examination, you have to advise investigations to prove it on paper.

There’s no denying that there are black sheep in our profession. Bt you find them in every profession. You cant taint the entire fraternity for that.

The last thing a dedicated band of doctors like them should worry about is their safety. We, the educated Indian needs to stop making heroes of shouting buffoons on TV and shift our focus toward men and women like Dr Roshan and Dr Shalaka. They save lives. They alleviate pain. They end suffering. Let us thank our doctors. Not beat them up.

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  1. Great blog. Having a cousin pursuing his Post Graduation in Mumbai after MBBS means that I have an idea of what these doctors go through, & their working conditions. Especially those in government hospitals. Some of the PG students didn’t even have a room to rest for months after their course started. Imagine that, coupled with long working shifts (2.30 am to 6.30 am rest many a times)

  2. We all feel angry when things go wrong. I have been there. I blamed doctors. But beating them shows how uncivil we are. All the incidents you have mentioned are not crimes. They did what they have to do.

  3. Heart warming article for doctors . I am a Post graduate in psychiatry and I work at least 75 hrs a week with minimum one 36hr duty . My husband is in Cardiothoracic surgery ,does at least three 36 hr duties per week . There are days when we do not get chance to sleep for a single minute,there are days when we don’t even get time to speak to each other . I do not say we do social service ,but one final thing we want is well being of the patient . Every profession has good and bad people . Difficulty comes when people want to identify as Gods . I always ask everyone to consider us as professionals not Gods . We too have our basic needs ,necessities and we too have families .

  4. Absolutely. It’s time we stand up for the people who do their best for us.
    It’s great to see you shed light on this, along with the good doc.

  5. It is terribly tragic that good doctors fear for their safety. Like you pointed out, there are those horrible, negligent and greedy ones who spoil the name for their entire tribe and the good ones have to pay the price.

  6. Thanks so much for this. I don’t know where change will come from after seeing the apathy from the government, the media and public alike but I know I have to try. Someone has to get people to atleast think twice

  7. I read Roshan’s blog yesterday, and it is a Shane what happened to Dr. Abhishek. We must do our bit and spread the word. Thanks for writing this.

  8. Nicely written…there are good doctors too but sadly they are targeted not the evil ones who have spoiled the profession…Sharing this article…Nice work..

  9. Greta eye opening article. I did not even lady workers in hospitals are treated like that by pateints or threatened for rape. what a shame!

    1. Shame indeed. A few bloggers are speaking about this and spreading awareness since the mainstream media refuses to. Hope you would share this too…

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