Let us thank our doctors, not beat them up

It is time for some serious soul-searching, India. Doctors need your help to end this cycle of violence NOW. Source: Who tends to the healer’s scars | GODYEARS I too was part of the brigade that steered clear of doctors for the simple reason that I felt the profession was not noble any more. Everyone is in it to make money and this is a business more than anything else. This collectively held belief in our society makes us see doctors as a hoard rather than a group of individuals. Individuals who are as human as you and me. Humans

Friendship #MicroblogMonday

Can one ever explain friendship? Why you click with someone and why you don’t? Does age matter? Does gender matter? I for one think that friendship can not be explained. I have gotten along with people I least expected to and not seen eye to eye with people I had expected to get well with. A close friend of mine at work switched jobs last week. I have not even gone to office since then because of Diwali and am already missing him. He was such good company and one of the genuinely nice guys around. He writes well, is a

5 Reasons To be Grateful

Very often, we tend to focus on what we want and not what we have. So today I want to make a small Gratitude List. 5 Reasons to be Grateful I am thankful for my health that allows me to function the way I do everyday. I am thankful for my family. They are my joy, my happiness 🙂 I am grateful for the ability to write and for the pleasure it brings me I am extremely thankful for my friends and well wishers. I can happily say that there are several all across the world! I am thankful for


A few days ago, while swapping baby stories with my college friends, I realised we went from discussing DSP and mobile to daycare merits in a decade! And that we kinda drifted off after college. It was good to reconnect with the girls but I couldn’t help think of the lost time. Imagine the kind of support we could have been for each other if we had kept in touch during these past years. We could have been there for each other and learnt from experiences. In the time gone by we have all grappled with similar issues. Work related