When Friendships Change


Friendship day was a few days ago. I had always believed that we don’t need a friendship day. With real friends, you can pick up from wherever you left off. No matter how much time has passed. As we grow older and busier, more and more time passes between picking up till eventually it feels pointless to.

On friendship day, I got tonnes of messages and my social media had no other post. But I could not relate to those. To any of those. They all seemed too fluffy or too mushy. I thought of my friends. The people who I think of as my close friends and realised that I haven’t spoken to most of them in ages. I wanted to reach out but then something held me back. I have great memories of those friendships. But they are no longer what they used to be. What if I try to rekindle them and they don’t live up to the expectation? What if I don’t live up to the expectation? Is it not better to just let those relationships be?

What would you do people? If you had friends that you haven’t been in touch with for months or years, would you reach out or just let them be?

3 thoughts on “When Friendships Change”

  1. I have recently felt something similar to this. I recently visited home where all of my close friends are and it was weird reaching out to them because we have not communicated in so long. I actually resisted reaching out to them because I wasn’t sure how it would take place. Recently, my best friend and I grew apart and I didn’t know how to reach out to him until one day I just did. It felt great doing it because it helped me realize which friendships are worth fighting for.

  2. I have one answer to your dilemma, whatsapp. With a life already occupying the entirety of our time, it is so tough to keep in touch with our old friends. But, technology has helped me keep in touch with a couple of them these days.

    Namratha from #firstgreenstep

  3. Meeting up old friends and remembering those old days gives us great joy. But with time people change and so do the relations we have with them, so in such circumstances one has to understand the people around him and give them the bit of space they require. loved your post.

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