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Lifestyle September 25, 2016

An Evening with a Mentalist

Roy Zaltsman Show

I was invited by JAMMs to attend a show by Roy Zaltsman – a renowned Mentalist this week. When I Googled for Mentalist, I found the following explanation: A Mentalist is an individual with highly developed intuitive and mental abilities. Mentalist performers use hypnosis, telepathy, psychokinesis and even mind control in their shows Now if that sounds far fetched and you just snorted into your cup of coffee, I can tell you that I was in a similar place last…

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Lifestyle March 6, 2016

The Children’s Place in Mumbai

The Children's Place

Blogger’s meets where the invitation extends to my daughter too are kinda special. To top it all, if the invite is for something she loves like clothes, it becomes an extremely enjoyable experience for both of us. And then, if the brand is like The Children’s Place, then we can be rest assured that we will be taken care of. The Children’s Place is an international children apparel’s brand that opened two stores in Mumbai recently. I was invited to visit…

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Lifestyle January 15, 2016

When Whisper Told Women to #OwnThose5Days


I remember growing up, Period was such a taboo. Not just the phenomenon. The word itself. Back in school we had all sorts of code words for period. Chums, Best buddies, Special Guests and what not. Indian Comic Aditi Mittal told us these common names and some uncommon ones like My Red Aunt at an event by P&G.  Looking back at it, makes me think how naive it all sounds. In fact, that is where Aditi was going. telling us…

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Lifestyle August 25, 2015

Cell Phones for Divas unveiled at Asus Divas Meet

When I was invited for the Asus Divas Meet, a ZenFone launch event, I was intrigued why they were doing an all women Diva meet for a cell phone launch. Usually, they would have a lot of tech bloggers for such an event. It took me 30 seconds into the presentation to know why! Intrigued? Read on… A bunch of gorgeous women who assembled at the ITC Grand in Mumbai on 8th August were greeted by Zenny, the Asus Mascot.…

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