An Evening with a Mentalist

Roy Zaltsman Show

I was invited by JAMMs to attend a show by Roy Zaltsman – a renowned Mentalist this week. When I Googled for Mentalist, I found the following explanation:

A Mentalist is an individual with highly developed intuitive and mental abilities. Mentalist performers use hypnosis, telepathy, psychokinesis and even mind control in their shows

Now if that sounds far fetched and you just snorted into your cup of coffee, I can tell you that I was in a similar place last week. I have seen tonnes of TV shows featuring Mentalists but come on… You don’t believe everything you see on TV. Do you? The TV shows are beyond amazing and I used to always wonder how they do it. Are all the people planted? Are these Mentalists for real? There was only one way to find out… go for the show!!!

So, I dragged the husband off to the mall and beating traffic, arrived a few minuted before starting time. The hostess took us to the Gold Class lounge at the PVR where we had our refreshments and waited for the other Jammies to show up. The lounge was full of people and there was no sitting space at all – a promise of a housefull event. We had a long long wait during which I met Jammies Ritu, Seema and Dollar. The good thing about being on time was that we were among the first few to enter the hall and hence grabbed decent seats.

Roy Zaltsman Show

From the moment Roy arrived on stage, there wasn’t a dull moment in the theatre. He wowed the audience with his acts, he amazed with his knowledge about India and kept everyone in splits with his ready wit and sarcasm. He drew the audience in from the word go, engaging them in every act. His acts actually did include a variety of mental abilities. He displayed Rapid memory, mind reading, mind control and telepathy (at least these I could recognise). The most amazing act was where he blindfolded himself by using duct tape all over his face and tried to guess the objects collected from the audience members. He not only identified the objects, he was also able to tell the credit card type and the time displayed on the phone screen! By the time the show ended, even the sceptics were converts…

Roy Zaltsman Show

To sum it all, I just want to say that Roy is a master entertainer. Hubby and I hadn’t had an evening out alone for ages and this was one of the best ways to spend it. I am so glad to be a Jammie and thankful for the invite 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)