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Lifestyle February 28, 2017

Attention to Detail is Passé and Why it can be a Disaster!

First it was Miss Universe 2015 and then it was Oscars 2016. Two glaring examples of goof ups at a large public event, one that was probably being witnessed by millions around the globe in real time. I did not remember a similar incident in the last few decades of conscious memory and a quick Google search did not reveal anything either. This made me ponder at the timing of these occurrences. Why only recently? Now, I am not pinning…

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Lifestyle February 12, 2016

Asus Zenbook – Love for Fashion


  I love fashion! But for me, fashion is not restricted to clothes, accessories. Being the nerdy techie gadget freak that I am, my love for fashion extends to my gadgets too. I need my gadgets to be cool, great looking work horses. Tall order? Sure, but that is what separates the stylistas from the regular consumer. And companies like Asus listen to us. Any wonder then that their laptop boats of Zenbook – Love for Fashion? And a fashionable…

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Lifestyle August 25, 2015

Cell Phones for Divas unveiled at Asus Divas Meet

When I was invited for the Asus Divas Meet, a ZenFone launch event, I was intrigued why they were doing an all women Diva meet for a cell phone launch. Usually, they would have a lot of tech bloggers for such an event. It took me 30 seconds into the presentation to know why! Intrigued? Read on… A bunch of gorgeous women who assembled at the ITC Grand in Mumbai on 8th August were greeted by Zenny, the Asus Mascot.…

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Lifestyle January 22, 2015

WhatsApp for Web

WhatsApp for Web Navigation

WhatsApp for Web is a new Web Client for Chrome browser that WhatsApp has just released. I tried it out this morning. Here are my thoughts… WhatsApp for Web – Installation As per the WhatsApp blog, the web client is available only for Chrome browsers. It can be used for Android, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia phones. It is not available for iOS at the moment. So all you iPhone users would have to wait a while! A friend of mine…

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Lifestyle October 28, 2014

Smart Phone Apps To Make Your Life Simpler

Smart Phone Apps To Make Your Life Simpler

They don’t call them Smart Phones for nothing! My phone has replaced a host of other items I used in the pre-phone days. Now, I shudder at the thought of the havoc that would be created if I had to live without these smart phone apps that have become the way of life for me 🙂   Alarms – I have about 3 alarms on my phone to wake me up and then the little one on a school day.…

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