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I love fashion! But for me, fashion is not restricted to clothes, accessories. Being the nerdy techie gadget freak that I am, my love for fashion extends to my gadgets too. I need my gadgets to be cool, great looking work horses. Tall order? Sure, but that is what separates the stylistas from the regular consumer. And companies like Asus listen to us. Any wonder then that their laptop boats of Zenbook – Love for Fashion? And a fashionable accessory it sure is.

Asus Zenbook

An ultra slim 13.3 inch screen with an Intel Core i5 5200U processor and a battery life of a whopping 12 hours, it is light and sleek enough to fit in a tote or a satchel! Can you imagine working with a machine like that every day? Say goodbye to those ugly chunky laptop bags. Imagine walking into a high powered meeting in a power suit and heels with a big bad laptop backpack on your shoulder. What a killjoy! I had the Asus Zenbook for a week and when I took it to a daylong meeting, two things happened. First was that I did not have to carry a charger or an adapter so I simply slipped it into its sleeve and walked into the meeting room empty handed. My other hand was free so I could greet and shake hands as soon as I entered rather than finding a space, dumping my stuff and then walking up to people for awkward handshakes. The second thing was even better. When I slid it out of it’s sleeve, at least three of my colleagues asked me about it. Everyone commented on what a good looking laptop it was and were amazed when I talked about its weight and battery life.


When I shed the corporate avatar and turn into a blogger, a fashionable laptop becomes a necessity more than an accessory. I remember attending day long events and then coming back home late at night and blogging about them. It would be so cool to carry a sleek laptop with me and start composing posts as I experience the events. So much easier than thinking back to what it was later. I am sometimes thankful of having a hobby that I can pursue any time of the day. So, my blogging usually happens with the earl morning cup of coffee. The Zenbook makes a stylish addition to the ritual.


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A fashionable, stylish gadget goes a long way in keeping both, the corporate woman as well as a lifestyle blogger in me happy. With valentine’s day around the corner, I can’t think of a better gift! Sure, we women love the roses and the chocolates, but getting the same things year after year makes it B.O.R.I.N.G! Whenever I come across men who suffer from the same gift syndrome, I tell them to look beyond the cliché. Look at what your woman likes, what she needs, what she wants and give her a gift that will make her life easier. The Zenbook definitely qualifies! If you don’t agree with me, have a look at this video. It will convince you for sure!


Disclaimer: I was sent the Asus Zenbook by the brand for review and would be remunerated for this post. The views expressed are my own though

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