MAC Mehr – My Favourite MAC Lipstick

Anyone who dabbles with makeup would have heard of MAC Lipsticks. They are a cult favourite and for good reason! There has never been an occasion when a MAC Lipstick has failed me. I am a huge huge fan 🙂 Even though I am a lipstick collector (read hoarder) I have favourites that I keep going back to. One such colour is MAC Mehr. In fact, my mantra is

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MAC Mehr is described as Dirty Blue Pink on their site and to me it is the most perfect muted pink lipstick ever. It is very pleasing in person and does not look over the top, neither does it wash me out. The texture is matte and thus wearable everyday without any worry. If the words Matte Lipstick scare you then you should definitely look at MAC Mattes. They are not as drying as other drugstore brands. The lipstick does not tug whatsoever and gives a look of absolute sophistication 🙂
I have paired it with Indian wear and Western wear and all possible outfit colours (save for red!!) and it has worked like a charm. What I love about MAC Mehr is that it can be paired with almost any other makeup look. I have used it with blush and kohl for an everyday office look, with heavily made up eyes for an event or just on it’s own to add a bit of colour on the face while running an errand. Each time, it has looked great.
In flash photography though, it can fade into insignificance and make you look like you have a nude lipstick on. For me, this is an advantage! I can happily say that MAC Mehr is my absolute favourite MLBB Lipstick.
Sharing a few more pictures so you guys get an idea how it looks like.
MAC Mehr Indiblogger Dove Meet
When I wore MAC Mehr to the Indiblogger Dove meet.

  You can read more about the Indiblogger Dove Meet here.

MAC Mehr black outfit
Wearing MAC Mehr for my daughter’s birthday party
Here is an instagram post that got many likes… all thanks to the lipstick 😉
Everytime I wear it, I am a bit scared of finishing it. I think this will be the first lipstick I buy a backup of!!!
What is your favourite MAC Lipstick?

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