Of Expectations…

We have so many expectations… from things, from people, from the world in general and ourselves in particular that something or someone is always falling short of our expectations. I think half of our problems would be solved if we stopped having expectations from people. Taking my own example, I want to excel at my job, at being a good mother, at being a good homemaker, a blogger, a writer and also lose those excess kilos that are slowly pushing me from over weight to obese. Like everyone else, I too have 24 hours in a day. This means that there are multiple demands on my time and I am contantly juggling priorities. It gets tiring – this jugglery and if I stop, close my eyes and try to relax, my mind goes into an over drive of things that need to be done, things that are pending and even things that I have to prepare for. Not a good place to be this. I made a choice to blog actively I made a choice to write. am constantly weighed down by guilt of giving these activities time – most often by sacrificing sleep, sometimes by sacrificing time with my daughter. So why do I feel torn now?

Have you guys faced similar situations? How do you deal with it?

6 thoughts on “Of Expectations…”

  1. Expectations kills. Most of the sadness around us is due to expectations. One who has lot of expectations suffers and not the one from whom we expect. Truly said world will become better place if we stop expecting and just work. That is “Karma kar, fal ki chinta mat kar” 🙂

  2. Isn’t that what the Buddha said was the key to happiness — not having expectations? I struggle with this because expectations are also a definition for what I want — from others and myself.

  3. I remember reading an article/blog post somewhere that said by taking the time to do things you enjoy and are important to you (like blogging/writing) you are setting an example for your children. She wrote that she wanted her kids to know that her time was important and that they were NOT the center of her universe. Rather than making her a bad parent, she was teaching her kids about setting goals, following passions and being independent from her.

  4. It natural for most human to have an expectation but then you should be able to take disappointments in the same stride for both go hand in glove. Like you have stated life has been full of sacrifices initially to parents, then to siblings and now a days to wife and daughters . I also used to get disappointed and frustrated but last three years i have spent some time taking care of myself in addition to all others that i have been doing and have zero expectations… its a better life these days.

    Cheers Ankita.

  5. I wish we could just stop pushing ourselves and focus on living.. I wanna have that chocolate pastry, but worry about weight gain.. I wanna sleep a little more, but worry about missing that early morning meeting..
    I wish… I could just live for one day.. forgetting about others!!!
    Cool post Ankita!!!


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