Goodreads Reading Challenge 2016 #MicroblogMondays

Goodreads Book Challenge Apr 2015 Booklist

I closed 2015 at 43 books. My 2015 reading challenge began at 25 books and then I upped to 30 books after hearing about the brunch book challenge. I did my 30 books and had a few months to spare. I debated with increasing my limit but decided that I would set a steeper target for the next year. So, in 2016, I challenged my self to read 50 books!

Enter Kindle Unlimited with a fantastic yearly deal along with some lovely authors who sent me books and this is what my reading status looks like…

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Ankita Bhatia has
read 21 books toward
her goal of
50 books.

Some of them are Novellas here and the novels are mostly slimmer volumes and breezy reads. What do you think? Should I increase the limit this year? Should I take it to 75? 100?

Are you taking the Goodreads challenge this year?


  1. Cyn K

    I’m doing the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge ( which has 24 reading tasks to complete. There is a Goodreads group for the challenge if you are interested in checking it out.
    One year I thought I had met my original Goodreads goal, so I increased it. Then I didn’t end up reading as many books as I thought I would so I didn’t complete the challenge. I like to err on the side of caution now. I only increase in increments that I know are achievable and I wait until the last minute. I’d rather surpass my original goal than fail.

  2. Mel

    I’m not big with reading challenges because I like to take time with books I’m enjoying and savour them. Though I do like the ones that push you to read things you wouldn’t have otherwise thought to pick up. So… increase if you think it will make you enjoy it more, but keep it the same amount if it would be more stress than fun?

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)