What Makes Blogging Worth It?

What makes Blogging Worth It-

I began blogging on 30 November 2004. For someone who regularly forgets birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates, remembering a date like this is a big deal. It just proves how important blogging is to me. Of course, that is the reason I have been at it for the last dozen years. Yes, I quit but I came back.

So why do I do it? What makes blogging worth it?


I found some great friends through my blog early on. I am thankful to say that the trend continued. To this day I find wonderful people and some of my closest pals are from blogsville. Initially, it was the anonymity of being on a faceless and nameless platform that allowed us, bloggers, to be our true selves while hiding ourselves. The connections we made were basis our common interests and very real. Today, the world of blogging has changed. People are much more open about their identities and wear the badge of a blogger proudly on their sleeves. I am thankful that in this changed landscape too, I have found some great friends. Thank you all for being there.

The Creative Itch

If I do not write or blog for a few days, I start to feel uneasy. It is almost as if a part of me is missing. Blogging for me satisfies a creative itch – that of creating something out of nothing! I used to be bothered by the fact that I am not writing my novel anymore, but now I am just happy and grateful to be writing – be it listicles, my thoughts or a product review!


I get a kick when I meet someone new at a blogging event and they tell me that they have read my blog or recognise me from Twitter. For that fleeting moment, I feel like a celebrity! C’mon now. Wouldn’t you too?


I haven’t won many of those so the features I do have are pretty special 🙂 And this one came about when I was in London and sick. It sure brightened me up that day!


Feedspot recently added me to the list of top 100 Lifestyle Blogs and Websites!


Thank you Feedspot. I do not know what I did to deserve it, but a friend said I am being myself. So maybe that is finally working! I am humbled and grateful, Feedspot. Now go read the list… it has some big name 🙂



Now no one minds this. Do they? Blogging is hard work. It is time-consuming and does need an investment. Bloggers pay for hosting, equipment and invest a lot of time creating content that they think the readers will like. A few brand collaborations pay for the hosting and give us a little extra pocket money on the side. Blogging does not pay my bills, but just keeps me happy.


Last, but the most important is the readers. Those of you who read the posts and come back for more. Thank you. I am truly grateful to you.


So my fellow bloggers, what makes blogging worth it for you?

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)