Violet Box May-June 2017 Unboxing, Review and a Promo Code

Violet Box May - June 2017

Hiya people, you know it is raining subscription boxes in India! Of the few I have tried, I really like the Violet Box and hence I am reviewing the Violet Box May – June 2017. Violet Box is different because it is released once in two months and contains products that you can use for the two months. The box I got also had a pair of earrings and flavoured green tea. I have reviewed the Violet Box before and was happy with that one too. In fact, I am still using the foot cream I got in that box. After I got sick last month, my face became very dull. If you follow me on Instagram you know what I mean. If you do not, then have a look at this pic from my Insta feed…


Then conversations with my beauty junkie girls (shout out to my Girlie Gang. Heer, Ronks, Nehu, Nupu, Jinal, Bee… Love you lot!) made me realise I need to focus on skincare a whole lot more. Imagine my surprise then when this box came in carrying skin care goodies!! Watch this video to know more.

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Violet Box May – June 2017 Unboxing and Review

As I said in the video, this month they are all about skin care and facial care products. The best part is that they have covered the entire gamut from makeup removal to face pack. The quantity of the products will last you a long time since most of them are full sized. Violet Box supports a lot of Indie brands so you get to try out stuff that you would not find in stores.

Violet Box May – June 2017 Product List

Full Size Beauty Products
Bio Bloom – Apricot Aloe Vera Face Pack 50gm Rs 500
Kronokare – City Detox Face Wash 100ml  Rs 395
Kronokare – City Face Toner 100ml Rs 295
Inveda – Green Tea Make Up Removed 100ml Rs 250
Inveda – Essentials Rose & Carrot Seed Night Cream 100ml Rs 395
Inveda – Papaya & Hibiscus Hydrating Moisturizer 100ml Rs 195
Kronokare – Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm 10ml Rs 95

Deluxe Size Beauty Product
Tatha – Luxury Face Scrub 15gm Rs 210

Lady Madlin – Metal Feather Ear Adornments Rs 650

Cambridge Tea Party – Ginger Green Tea 20gm Rs 50

Violet Box May – June 2017 Price & Promo Code

Violet Box May – June 2017 has products worth over Rs 3000 and you can get it for just 1490. No wait, you can get it for 1290 if you use the promo code!

Use Ankita400 to get 400 rupees off on your Violet Box purchase!

You can go to SantasBox site to place your order. That is it, people. How did you like the video? What do you think? Do I have it in me to be a successful YouTuber? Should I do more videos or just give it up? Also, I want to take a moment to commend everyone who makes these videos. It is so much hard work, so exhausting!!!! Hats Off…

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Violet Box for a complimentary review. The views are my own and not affected by the brand association.


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