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At the beginning of this year, I had made a few resolutions. Eight of them to be exact. Lets see how I have fared on all of them…

  1. Drink Water – I must’ve been a camel in the last birth, coz I can survive even the hottest summer days on 2-3 glasses of water! But the point is I’m human in this birth and humans need to drink water. So there…
    Yay, I did well on this one! I now have at least a litre of water everyday, and at times even more… pat on your back Anks!

  2. Blog More – The last year has been really slow. So I’ll try and put up more posts. Complete the pending Goa travelogue and put that up (along with some awesome pics!) Watch out for this one…
    Ouch, this was a bad one… even gave up blogging this year. But I have been fairly regular since my comeback… whaddaya think?

  3. Complete my stories – This one has to be done. There are not one, not two but three half written stories with me right now. I gotta complete all of them! And Progati was a long long time ago!
    Oops! A complete goner on this one… except for one hastily written short story, this section has been completely dry this year…. Hmmm, lemme move this to the next year’s resolution bucket! 😉

  4. Try poetry again – I must admit I enjoyed writing the poems I did. Have you read them? No. Well, you can do that here, here and here. But I’ll write more poetry, for sure!
    Now this, I did! Mrigtrishna, Ek Mutthi Aasmaan & Uljhan were all put back to back on this blog!

  5. Take care of myself – Something I tend to neglect at times….
    I have been decently regular on this one… so no sweat!

  6. Spend time with loved ones – Will kickstart this from end of the week!
    Not bad on this one either! Given the hours and hours of traveling to work everyday!

  7. Not fake smiles – My cheeks have begun to hurt doing this now. Need to stop it!!!
    Yes! I did this too… No more faking smiles…! I say it as it is…

  8. Do things on time – Anyone offering courses on time management???
    Anyone offering courses on time management???

So there, my score is 5 / 8. Yipeeeeee Do! So Anks can keep a few promises! Now for next year’s resolutions? Nah, not this time… Am gonna take things as they come… Coz I have really begun to believe in this statement authored by yours truly

“Life has a way, of making even the best-laid plans awry….. so why plan?”

What do you think ppl?

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)