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Now why does Anks disappear every year around her birthday???

Good question na, last year, I disappeared for a vacation on the day of my b’day (Not the best decision coz I really missed all the calls and sms that my friends sent me) Thankfully the vacation was fun, so that kinda made up for it… The year before I attended a cousin’s wedding (The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding, if you please!) and that trip too was fun… So basically, while Anks has her share of fun on and around her birthday, she leaves her blog all alone and conveniently forgets about her loyal visitors. And if that’s not enough, she also does not reply to the happy birthdays left in her comment box and chat box… Bad gurl anky!

Yeah, so let me thank all those ppl who’ve been visiting my blog and and posting all the happy new years and happy birthdays… Thanks a ton guys!!!! It’s no fun blogging when you guys aren’t around 🙂

Leaving you guys with a poem once more, which kinda sums up how I feel right now…


कल खुले झरोखे से
आया एक हवा का झोंका था
यादों की किताब खोल कर
एक धुंधले से पन्ने पर रोका था

बचपन का वह पन्ना था
मासूम सपनों की बातें थीं
यूहीँ मस्ताने से दिन थे
मस्तानी सी ही रातें थीं

जीवन का क्या अर्थ है
क्या होता है ताना बाना
क्या करना है जान कर
क्या था मुझको लेना देना

जब उस पन्ने को पलटा
न बचपन था, न जवानी थी
बड़ी अल्हड़ सी उम्र थी
ख्यालों की, उम्मीदों की कहानी थी

आज के पन्ने पर ले आई फिर
हवा जो चली हलकी हलकी
कदम बढाती हुई ज़िंदगी
धीरे धीरे ओर इक नये कल की

Kal khule jharokhe se
Aaya ek hawa ka jhonka tha
Yaadon ki kitab khol kar
Ek dhundhle se panne par roka tha

Bachpan ka woh panna tha
Massooom sapnon ki baaten theen
Yuhi mastane se din the
Mastaanee see hee raaten theen

Jeevan ka kya arth hai
Kya hota hai taana baana
Kya karna hai jaan kar
Jab nahi hai koi lena dena

Jab uss panne ko palta
Na bachpan tha, na jawani thee
Badee alhad see umar thee
Khayalon ki, Ummeendon ki Kahani thee

Ek aur hawa jhonka phir
Aaj ke panne par le aaya hai

Aaj ke panne par le aayee phir
Hawa jo chali halki halki
Kadam badate huee zindagi
Dheere dheere or naye kal kee

Btw, did I mention I might do the disappearing act yet again? No? Well, I’m mentioning it now…

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