The Sun in her palm…

I saw this picture on Akshaya’s blog and absolutely fell in love with it. This little verse is inspired from the picture…

 Its the crimson evening calm
And she holds the sun in her palm…

Up in the hills its evening too soon
The glowing red ball will change to a silky moon
But there’s still a while for the moonlight white
For another moment I behold the sight
Its the crimson evening calm
And she holds the sun in her palm

“How it goes from pink to yellow
Blazing down and then once more mellow
Those are the changes occurring in the sun
Its dawn to noon to evening run
And then it vanishes out of sight
Plunging us into a deep dark night
Of course it’ll come out again tomorrow
And then a moment of time I’ll borrow
The moment of crimson evening calm
When I hold the sun again in my palm”

She tells me its her daily ritual
I say its not real, its only virtual
“The sun doesn’t change, its we who do
Going around it and spinning too
As we move through our day
We look at the sun in a different way
We call it pink and red and yellow
It blazes forever, never does mellow
And as the earth continues its ride
The sun is visible on the other side
It hasn’t vanished. Its there like before
Just that we don’t see it anymore
It makes a pretty picture, your palm beneath the sun
While you may have your moment of fun
Its nothing more than a mere illusion
A sweet sight, an interesting vision”

“Oh my, you are such a bore
You don’t appreciate any more
The beauty of nature, the wonder of things
I have imagination, and I gave it wings
Then it flew off far and wide
And I learnt to put all logic aside
In a different light, the mundane I see
Do the same I tell to thee
When its time of the evening calm
Stretch it out and hold the sun in your palm”

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