Happy New Year…

Happy New Year
An update is due, I know…. theres been a lot of work and planning of a short vacation going on… Hence the delay. A lot of ideas and posts are buzzing in my head and I’ll put them up as soon as I’ve written them out. In the meantime, here is a small year ending thought, elongated in another poem (yeah, I’m on a spree!!!! )

I opened the closet
The skeletons tumbled out
Long hidden but,
I’d to face them no doubt.

Looked up at each one
Full of dread
All my fears and sorrows
The terrible words I’d said

I’d made mistakes
Like each one of us
But I did also perhaps
That no one else does

I pushed them all
At the back of my mind
As far as I could
Absolutely behind

So I could go on doing
All that I had
Without pausing to think
What was good, what was bad

I’d felt powerful
I’d been strong
And never thought whether or not
I was wrong

And today I was here
Looking back at my deeds
Loving, hating, spiteful,
Inspiring or full of greed

I saw them all again,
In my mind’s eye
Every word I’d said
Passed me by

Silently I wept
Asking for forgiveness
For each bitter word I’d said
For the superiority, the rudeness

And then it was over,
Finished at last.
For once I was through with
Exorcising my past

The closet was empty
For now at least
Dawn was breaking out
Far in the east

The night was long and terrible
Full of fear
But now had begun
The morning of a new year

Haven’t a clue
What this year would bring
More skeletons in the closet
Or a bright happy spring

Perhaps a bit of both
Darkness and light
But I resolve to do
Only what I feel is right

So that there’d be no more terrible nights
No more thoughts at the back to send
No more closets to be opened
When another year ends

Its a little pensive I know, but don’t let it dampen the mood….. go ahead, pop the champagne, laugh with joy and have a ball…..

Have a great 2006!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)