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Vanity - Man Shaving
Traditionally, women are described as vain. Some of them love it while some get offended by it… nevertheless, most women agree that grooming is an absolute essential on a daily basis today. Whether you are a homemaker, a soccer mom, a professional or a student! And hence seeing women do their makeup on traffic lights or applying nail paint in a moving vehicle is not uncommon. We have all done seen it and don’t find it weird. But today I say a man doing the same!
Vanity - Lipstick

No. That chap was not putting on makeup…! He had an electric shaver and was shaving in the back seat of his car…And to me it felt strange… to someone who would leave home bare faced and have her entire makeup done on the road, this felt odd! I didn’t know why it did at first and then I thought about it and realised that Shaving for men is a part of the daily ritual and to me its like brushing your teeth. You wouldn’t brush your teeth in the car now. Would you? You would? Are you Govinda in Hero No 1? No? Well then you should not be brushing or shaving in your car. Period.

Vanity - Man Shaving

Now let us come back to the point of the post. Shall we? So this guy was shaving in his car… yes it was an electric shaver but what about the hair? They’d be all over the seat and your office clothes too. Why would you want that? Now if he was knotting his tie or adjusting his cuff-links it would be a different matter entirely. I would have empathised with him. Given him an understanding smile perhaps… signifying its okay. We all get late sometimes. But shaving? Well, unless you are being serviced by a road side hajaam, there is no reason to go shaving on the road. Do spare us innocent on lookers please…

Do some of the men feel the same way when they see us women do makeup on the road? I am keen to know!


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