Travelling Alone & Realisations at Trafalgar Square

How exciting it is to be living a traveller’s life? You hear the stories of your friends who have been to all those fantastic places.. you see their pictures on Facebook… you see all the places they have checked in on FourSquare and you go, “Wow, What a fantastic life!” When you meet these people they talk about the wonderful experiences they have had, conversations with fellow travelers, acts of kindness by random strangers when they needed help and can’t help wish, “If only I led such a traveller’s life”What these stories don’t tell us is about the long waits at airports and train stations. What the smiling faces in pictures don’t let on is the longing of being away from family and loved ones.

When I travelled alone to London a while ago, I was all kicked about sight seeing and exploring the place on my own. At Trafalgar Square, such a strong feeling of loneliness hit me that I almost went back to the hotel! I was so grateful then that my friend G came to see me the day before. That evening I realised the true need of good company. And so, I clicked pictures of people all around.

Leaving you guys with some pics from that evening 🙂

Red and Pink
Rocker Couple
Jazz Musician
Band In Waiting


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