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I confess to letting my kid watch TV everyday…..
I confess to letting my kid stay up late….
I confess to leaving her in the care of others while I go out….

Before you judge me for being a bad mother-

I confess to letting my kid watch TV at the dinner table so she can eat with the rest of the family.

I confess to let her stay up late every day so she can play with her father who comes home late after work.

I confess to leaving her in the care of others while I go out to work.

I confess to letting my kid paint with her hands and plunge into store bought play doh. I confess to letting her watch cartoons on the laptop. I confess to handing her a tablet and play games while I blog. I confess to not checking her school diary everyday. I confess to offering chocolates as bribes….

I also confess to doing jigsaw puzzles with her. I also confess to making up bedtime stories specially for her with characters she has given me. I also confess to making funny faces and teasing her. I also confess to dancing together. I also confess to letting her speak her mind. I also confess to lots of hugs and kisses everyday.

I confess to not abiding by anyone’s bookish parenting standards…

I confess to trying my best to be the parent she deserves!

Post inspired by BlogChatter’s prompt titled ‘Can I Confess”. Guess I just did!




19 thoughts on “I Confess”

  1. You ain’t alone Ankita…guess I’m right behind you, or perhaps even in front of you. Just so much truth in the post!!! Well written and Kudos on being so honest!

  2. I identify with you completely on this one. No mum can be a perfect mum. No mum can do everything perfectly. A supermom is a myth, I totally believe. Each one of us, irrespective of being a working mother or a SAHM , we do things to the extent we can. I think important is the quality time spent together and lots of love and so you are the best mum to your child.
    I also have my own confessions where I think I falter.

  3. It’s amazing how we women beat ourselves up for not meeting some kind of perfect standard. Meanwhile, men manage to escape that, somehow. My son is grown. Guess what? I toilet trained him using leftover chocolate Easter eggs as rewards and bought ready made lunches for him when he wouldn’t eat my home made one. And he survived just fine!

  4. Working mom no matter how much careful they are with their kids are criticized. That’s the truth of this hypocrite society. But you balanced it so well. Do not feel guilty you are going on the right path. 😀

  5. Nice one Ankita 🙂 Every parent have a lot more to confess and obviously no one can abide by the bookish parenting standards. I loved your confession that you play and dance with your daughter. It’s very enjoyable to play and dance with kids.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)