Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge Post – Pink


Can anyone pose better than this 3 year old?

Pink Baby

A beautiful traditional Indian Pink Sari

Maharashtrian Pink

Gorgeous Pink flowers woven in a gajra – to be worn in the hair

Flowers Pink

These pictures are for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge Post. The theme today is Pink. Did you like the pictures?


17 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge Post – Pink”

    1. Thanks Ritika… that’s my little one . This picture was taken on her third birthday party. She posed swy to glory once she was dressed!

    1. I just posted it Cee… You are so quick!! Thanks a lot for stopping by.. I’d love it if you could critique my pics sometimes… I really really admire your work…

    1. Thanks dear… you are quick!! How is Neevie doing? Do send a pic of hers… Kuhu still remembers her…

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