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Lifestyle September 6, 2015

Thoughts and Flowers

The one thing with thoughts is that if you don’t capture them when they appear, they get lost… often to not return, just like a moment in time that never comes back. So I had this thought that was weird, way too weird. I thought of a flower that has fallen from a tree… When the flower was up at the tree, it made the tree more beautiful. Smiling amongst the green leaves, it was a symbol of the tree’s…

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Photography September 1, 2015

Flowers – In Colour

Last week, I had put up a post showing flowers in black and white. Though I loved those images, I still think it is the colours that define flowers. In this post, I am showing you the same pictures from the black and white challenge, but in colour……

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Photography August 22, 2015

Flowers in Black&White – Cee’s #Black&White Challenge

When I saw this contest on Cee’s page about Flowers in Black&White, I was like this would be easy… I have tons of pictures of gorgeous flowers. Turns out, I was wrong. You take the colour contrast out and the image changes completely. It took me a few tries to realise that a black and white image of a flower is all about shape and texture. Hope you like these… click on any image to launch a slideshow    …

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Photography May 5, 2015

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge Post – Pink


Can anyone pose better than this 3 year old? A beautiful traditional Indian Pink Sari Gorgeous Pink flowers woven in a gajra – to be worn in the hair These pictures are for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge Post. The theme today is Pink. Did you like the pictures?  …

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