Thoughts and Flowers

The one thing with thoughts is that if you don’t capture them when they appear, they get lost… often to not return, just like a moment in time that never comes back. So I had this thought that was weird, way too weird. I thought of a flower that has fallen from a tree… When the flower was up at the tree, it made the tree more beautiful. Smiling amongst the green leaves, it was a symbol of the tree’s health, its bounty. After falling from the tree, it gets picked up and makes something else beautiful. At the feet

Flowers in Black&White – Cee’s #Black&White Challenge

When I saw this contest on Cee’s page about Flowers in Black&White, I was like this would be easy… I have tons of pictures of gorgeous flowers. Turns out, I was wrong. You take the colour contrast out and the image changes completely. It took me a few tries to realise that a black and white image of a flower is all about shape and texture. Hope you like these… click on any image to launch a slideshow