My Ultimate Romantic Fantasy – Breakfast In Bed

I once took a test on Social Media… you know the kind that tell you how you are, who should you date etc etc! If you have read the last few blog posts of mine, you’d probably know about the personality test I took on Facebook recently. So this one was ages ago… literally, almost eight years ago and said that my ultimate romantic fantasy was Breakfast in Bed 🙂

Breakfast In Bed

At first I scoffed it and later when I thought about it, I realised I love the idea of it. The effort my man puts into waking up early and making a yummy breakfast, then laying it out beautifully on a tray would be so sweet. And then he wakes me up gently and feeds me off that beautiful tray. Imagine a breakfast like that: yummy food, great conversation and lots of cuddling and kisses…. Such a morning can only end in one way. Right 😉

So guys, if your girl is like me and digs breakfast in bed, this is how you give her what she will love!

 Making a Romantic Breakfast in Bed

Even if you are no expert cook, you can make something simple. Remember that the success of this gesture lies in waking early and having the breakfast tray done before your girl is up! So choose some quick food. Eggs are a great option here. Personally I’d vote for a French Toast and put it in a Borosil Mini Glass Plate. Imagine a stack of Golden French Toasts with a light dusting of powdered sugar looking like a mountain in the sunlight with freshly fallen snow. Crispy on the outside but rich of soft as you bite into it, melting on your tongue and a mix of sweet and savoury flavour. So good that she invites you to share it with her and offers tiny bites from her plate.
You could fill the other Borosil Mini Glass Plate with berries and grapes. Finger fruits basically. Juicy ones. The kinds you bite and then lick the juice off the lips 🙂 Red strawberries and black grapes make it a visually appealing sight too. Pick a stylish tray like the Alpha Tray in Splash from Borosil. Place the Toasts and the Fruits next to each other and whip out that juicer for fresh orange juice. When it comes to adding appeal on a breakfast tray nothing can beat the OJ! Bright orange juice if served in a Borosil Endessa Tumbler will take up your effort several notches. Place two tumblers and remember to place a wedge of orange on the rim of the tumbler.
Now its time for dessert. Just pick cute little cupcakes of mini muffins from a bakery near you and pop them in the Borosil Round Dishes. This goes on your tray too! Brew a pot of Fresh Coffee in a Borosil Carafe and add two Borosil Classic Mugs to the other corner of your tray. The delicate aroma rising out of your fresh coffee will have her up and awake in a minute and ready to enjoy your effort!

Finally add a flower on the tray. A rose is a classic but you can add any of her favourite ones 🙂

Carry this to your lady love and indulge her in the meal. I am sure she will love it and looking at her happiness, so will you…

This is my entry for the Borosil My Beautiful Food contest being held at Indiblogger currently. #BeautifulFood


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