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I am zonked!!! It was my daughter’s birthday on 3rd. She turned 5. We had a celebration at her school, then a family lunch followed by an evening celebration at her day care. The next two days were spent in party preparations because we had planned her big 5th Birthday Party on Sunday, the 6th. Wrapping presents, making up games, wrapping prizes, searching for a pinata, making decorations and a whole bunch of things kept me busy. Oh I also managed to sneak in a novel! I read The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins 🙂

I was not nervous or worried on 6th since the party was at a venue. Once the kids came, it was MADHOUSE. I was the emcee of the evening and they had no mic. So I had to shout louder than 11 energetic five year olds! By the end of it my throat was raw but everyone had a great time. All the parents told me so… Mission Accomplished!!!

Here I am in my element!



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  1. Wow… sweet(: … happy belated b’day to your daughter… so you know Sudha Murthy said, she never celebrated b’days of her kids because she did not want them to feel special, she wanted them to think it as normal day, odinary day… but I am not sure I agree with her, depends on parent to parent, small celebration is ok, I don’t think one should give kids costly gifts and such things, but teach them to cherish life instead and learn to find joy in life how ever it is. Your 5 year old looks very nice(: and cute.

  2. Loads of wishes to the Lil doll…

    Its time for me to get the jitters now…my daughter’s birthday is approaching fast…

    Oh Lord ..give me strength to go through the grind…

    I dread the return gift part..

  3. Kids birthday parties are hard work but tons of fun. You took me back to the days when my kids were young. Dropping by from MicroblogMonday

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