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Tsomgo Lake Gathering

Tsomgo Lake Gathering

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This picture was taken in Sikkim on the banks of Tsomgo Lake which is at an altitude of 3753 mts. The locals call it Changu lake and worship it as a holy place. In the olden days, Tsomgo Lake was an important stop on the Gangtok-Lhasa trade route between Sikkim and Tibet. It is a popular tourist destination in Sikkim and is not close to habitation today. A three hour ride on a rocky mountain road from Sikkim gets you to Tsomgo Lake.

It was a December when we visited the place and despite the afternoon hour, it was freezing. There was a cold wind blowing and all my focus was on keeping the baby warm. Suddenly, we heard voices… voices rising together in the sweet melody of songs. I could not recognise the songs or even the language they were sung in. I have no clue if they were being sung in worship of the lake, of mature or merely the music. All I know is the songs helped us focus on something else other then the cold and then we began to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Tsomgo Lake Gathering
Gathering of singers, Tsomgo Lake, Sikkim

At a holy lake, in the middle of nowhere, we reconnected with nature… thanks to these singers…

When I saw The Daily Post photo challenge for this week, I wanted a photo with a different type of gathering… one we do not see everyday. Then I remembered this picture and said to myself, this is it!

This post is my entry for The Daily Post, GatheringMicroblog Mondays and Monday Musings


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