Hang In There… It Gets Better

I had a horrible day today. Been reflecting on my thoughts and realised that I have been negative about things for a while now. So I have been creating progressively worsening days for myself. So today is the kind of day which needs to end with a stiff drink and a bitching session about things and people bothering me. Trouble is if I go into that mode, the logical side takes over and tells me of all the things I did wrong to bring this upon me. Sometimes, I don’t even need to bother. People around me would do that…

I just wonder what it would be like to be told. Yes, it was a bad day. But it is over now and tomorrow is a new beginning. So hang in there. It gets better….



  1. I think I needed this message today and am glad I opened your post for it. Cheers to a great tomorrow.

  2. Sometimes you are the best person to tell yourself that. It’s nice when you get the support from someone else, but I think everyone also needs to be their own best friend.

  3. Sleep and wake up to a new begining should be mantra, easy to say but can be tried

  4. My #MM post was also a reminder to myself. It does get better. I hope your next days have been better.

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