Of Being a Mother

You know when women talk about motherhood, most mention how rewarding the experience is… how they love the hugs and kisses and all the tender moments you get to experience with your babies. What they do not mention though is the terrifying aspect of it. Oh no, I am not talking about the 24×7 duty or the sleepless nights and zombified days. I am talking about the fact that I am responsible for the shaping of another human being!

Mother & Daughter

What I tell her, what I teach her, the way I behave with her…. is going to shape what sort of person she would be when she grows up. What if I pass on my insecurities and fears to her? What if I don’t instill the right values in her? It is true that each one of us is solely responsible for the choices we make but it is so very dependent on the exposure we get as children. And to think that I am now responsible for creating one such individual. That my actions and behavior will help her decide how and when to act or react later on in her life.

The whole thing is such a huge responsibility. Wonder why no one ever speaks about it!!



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