Finding Happiness

For a long time now, I have associated happiness with smaller things in life. Simple, everyday things that would make me happy every single day. I have written What makes me happy post before as well. Actually, two of them. Here is another What makes you happy post. While the actual points may be different, there is a common flavour running through them. And that being, a lot of these are small things. Needless to say, my daughter would regularly feature in these! Even though I am sometimes fed up of her antics, she is the greatest joy in my life. Nothing compares to that hug when I get home in the evening. Or to that, “Mummy I missed you soooo much while you were away!”

Everything that has anything to do with my daughter makes me happy. Be it playing with her, reading to her, teaching her about new things or even shopping for her! But then, most parents will tell you that. The smaller, simpler things that make me happy about being with her are things like oiling her hair over the weekend and giving her a massage. Or when she holds the bottle and insists on returning the favour. I also love painting with her. We bring out sheets and water paints or crayons and work on the same art piece. My fridge is full of her art work now! And I can’t tell you how happy that makes me feel. And proud! Definitely proud!!!

Sharing meals with her makes me happy. When she likes my cooking or even the same time of food that I like and eating it together is such a blessing!

Finding Happiness
With my daughter on a beach… double happiness!!


Swimming or being near the water is another one. Hubby tells me that my face visibly changes when I am in the vicinity of water. He could not be more right. Just being close to a water body makes me feel happy. Be it a fountain or a lake or the sea.  Naturally, the sea and the sea shore make me happiest 😛 I can spend hours sitting by the shore watching the waves break and listening to them. There is just something about the sound of water that fills me with immense happiness.

You guys do know about my love for makeup. Right? Finding a great shade of lipstick or a kajal that does not smudge or a foundation that suits my complexion and skin can keep me happy for days. I am not kidding! I am still high from all the makeup shopping I did on my trip to US earlier this month. Discovering a bright pink lipcolour that brightens up your face or that awesome concelaor that negates the remnants of stress from under your eyes is priceless I tell you. Okay, so maybe not priceless. But you get the drift. Right? Makeup I love makes me happy. In fact, rediscovering makeup that was buried deep in my dresser make me happy!! You know when you are cleaning your drawer and you find that eye pencil tucked all the way to the back? And go, “Oh I had forgotten I had this!!!”

What makes you happy??


Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your thoughts :)